Tackling a Garden With No Thumb

Some people have green thumbs, others have black thumbs. I’m just going to put it out there right off the bat: on a scale of green to black, I’m a none. 

I have zero gardening experience whatsoever.

Sure, I’ve planted flowers every year we’ve had a house, but they’re the kind of flowers you buy already grown. All the work is done, all you have to do is keep them alive.

But I recently decided I’d like to take a crack at it. The idea of growing some herbs and a few veggies we enjoy (honesty check: I don’t enjoy many veggies, so when I say a few, I really mean a few) sounded like a fun yet useful challenge.


I’ll be honest, I’ve always viewed starting a garden or trying a new recipe as risky. What if it doesn’t work out? You put in all that work, all of the ingredients, but what happens if you do everything right and still have nothing to show for it in the end?

Does that say something about me or what?

Being a mom now, though, has given me a new set of eyes. ‘This would be a cool activity for Cora,’ I thought with visions of letting her help put the seeds in the soil and water them each day. And how cool will it be when we can witness the first sprouts?

Dude, that’s exciting.

When all is said and done, who cares if we don’t end up with more green beans than we know what to do with? Sure, that’s the worst that could happen, but what about all of the other possibilities, including the fact that it could actually work out? 


So, I’m we’re tackling a garden. Got the seeds today and cleaned out our eggshells. Here goes nothin’!


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