Pin This: The Best Sauce You’ve Ever Had

I have another Pinterest victory to share and it’s going to blow your mind.

The recipe refers to it as “Copycat Zax Sauce.” I think it’s a Southern thing.

I call it “Awesome Sauce.” Because it’s awesome.


The pin where it all began.
But don’t take my word for it, the proof is in the pudding: I made pigs in a blanket (lil smokies + crescent rolls) for our family Christmas and a friend’s NYE party. Usually, I serve them with mustard and ketchup, but since I have a glass dip tray with three compartments, I decided that I needed to have another sauce option.

Enter the Awesome Sauce.

I whipped it up and, at both events, not only did a few people comment about it (and even ask for the recipe), but it was the only sauce of the three that was completely eviscerated gone at the end of the night.

The people have spoken, people. This one is a good one. Here’s the recipe.

In addition to being quite delicious with pigs in a blanket, this sauce is perfect for dipping french fries, tater tots and chicken tenders, and slathering on a burger or chicken sandwich.


3 thoughts on “Pin This: The Best Sauce You’ve Ever Had

  1. Hi! I am so happy you love my recipe. Due to copyright issues, I will need you to please remove my photo and full recipe, though. If you want, you can leave the photo, and just link back to my blog for the recipe. Publishing my recipes in full is strictly prohibited. Please let me know what you would like to do. Thanks!


    1. Hi Allyson, thanks for the note and sorry for the mishap! I just removed the recipe and linked to the recipe on your site. Hope that works! And thanks for the great recipe, it really has been a huge hit with everyone who’s tried it!


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