You Know You’re a Mom When…

My sister and I took my daughter Cora out to lunch and to a children’s museum yesterday. Nice little Saturday. It was one of those days you wished every day of your parenting life could look like.

But alas, that just isn’t reality because, let’s be real: reality can be a little cray cray sometimes.

But I had a moment on the drive home that made me say aloud, “Yep, you’re a mom.”

I thought for sure that Cora would instantly fall asleep, but soon after I started driving, it happened: her binky fell out and was unreachable. With a 45-minute-long drive ahead of us.

Scary, right? Parents of binky-loving kiddos, can I get a what what? For my daughter anyway, getting into the car seat for a long drive after a full, busy day is a catastrophic move without her beloved “binker.”

I braced for the worst.

But to my surprise, she remained relatively happy and talkative and cute.

I smiled to myself listening to her spell her name to herself (her latest “trick”), sing little songs… and then things took a turn.

First, the dreaded sound of Velcro. Shoes were off. Then, I could see bare feet. Socks were on the car floor. And then the grunting started.

‘Of course you’re pooping now?’ I debated whether to pull over at a gas station and change her or just get home as quickly as possible.

I kept driving.

“I love you, baby girl,” I said to her from the front seat. Sure, the whole car smelled and her shoes were off and she was starting to fuss. Before I had a kid, I would have found this situation frustrating and gross, but somehow being a parent gives you a different perspective.

Was it unexpected? Sure. Surprising? No. Why? Because I’m a mom.

Update: The irony is not lost on me that immediately after posting this blog, my daughter woke up from her nap. With poop all over her hands. And face. 

Yep, I’m a mom.


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