Potty Training: A Destination or a Journey?


It’s been awhile since my last post, but as the title implies, this is the world I’m living in these days. After getting inspiration from enough Pinterest articles promising to have a toddler potty trained over a weekend (spoiler alert: that didn’t happen), we took the plunge.Just like that, too. One day, I woke up and decided, ‘No more diaper.’ Okay, maybe not NO more diaper – more like, LESS diaper. During the day. When we’re at home.  
I know what you must be thinking. If you’ve read the articles I have, everyone says that going back and forth between the diaper is confusing, but she is just not ready for night time (yet). And, from what I’ve learned so far, she has had enough accidents learning opportunities to know when she is going/went. We still encourage her to keep her diaper dry and give her high fives when she succeeds (never thought that this could be a highlight of my day?? #youknowyoureaparentwhen).

Like most things in parenting, it’s felt like another experiment… and I’m here to say that it still IS, in many ways. Will she make it the entire 15-minute ride to my parents? Can we get everything we need at Aldi’s and still be dry at the end? Here’s where we’re at so far:

  1. She has gotten the hang of “going” at home. Out and about… not as much. Strange, adult-sized toilets are not catching on yet. Must invest in a travel potty.
  2. Toddler undies are so adorable (when they’re dry). 
  3. Going #2 has been somewhat of a challenge. She’s always instinctually hidden when doing this and she gets irritable and anxious when she has to “go” and she’s not in her safety net diaper.
  4. Along the #2 lines: let’s just say that, at nap time, we’ve had to break out the 3T sized BACKWARDS full body footie onesie trick so she doesn’t have “access” to her diaper. For reasons I’m sure you can imagine but I refuse to type.
  5. Having a potty accessible nearby is pretty key, so we have one on each floor of our house. At least for now, until she can “hold it” longer.

Anybody else potty training? It’s an interesting and messy season of life, I’m pretty ready to have it behind us. In due time. Like many things in parenting, I’m learning that it’s a journey.



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