Potty Training: A Destination or a Journey?


It’s been awhile since my last post, but as the title implies, this is the world I’m living in these days. After getting inspiration from enough Pinterest articles promising to have a toddler potty trained over a weekend (spoiler alert: that didn’t happen), we took the plunge.Just like that, too. One day, I woke up and decided, ‘No more diaper.’ Okay, maybe not NO more diaper – more like, LESS diaper. During the day. When we’re at home. Continue reading


Hacking Toddler Mealtime

My daughter has always been a good eater, but as a finicky, distracted toddler, her interest in a plate of food can wane from time to time.

That’s not a knock against my cooking, by the way. I just had to call in some reinforcements to spice things up. Continue reading

How Tragedy Jolted Me Awake

Whether you realize it or not, most of us are caught up in the “flow” of life. Do you feel it?

To-do lists, work, running the kids around – these things can consume us. We wake up, run around, come home, go to sleep and wake up to start the whole process over again.

If you’re anything like I was (and frankly, I can still be this way), there aren’t many moments taken to “stop and smell the roses.” When you’re caught up in the flow, it’s not easy to be present because that’s all you’re focusing on. Continue reading