Tackling a Garden With No Thumb

Some people have green thumbs, others have black thumbs. I’m just going to put it out there right off the bat: on a scale of green to black, I’m a none.  Continue reading


Lessons From the First Time Flying with My 11-Month-Old

 It was our first trip as a family of three and our first time traveling with a baby.

I had done my research, my Google search history as proof: “Do I need to take my daughter out of her carrier to get through security?” “Pros and cons of bringing a cheap umbrella stroller vs. our full size” “Can we carry on formula?”

I was all over it. We were prepared. We also had no idea what we were in for.

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10 Pinterest Projects That Actually Worked Out

Do not let the title fool you. When I say “projects,” I mostly mean recipes (I can’t even begin to pretend I use Pinterest for much else). So by now, we’re probably all familiar with the #pinterestfails. It’s actually pretty funny and probably moreso for those who have #beenthere. But I’m not here with more tales of “Pinterest gone wrong,” I thought it might be more helpful to share some recipes and projects that I had success with. And for those of you wondering, I hardly consider myself a “Martha Stewart” — I’m not very crafty or creative and I work full time, so if I can do these, I’m 99.9% certain anyone can. Continue reading