Learning On the Fly: Things That Surprised Me About Having a Baby

No, this isn’t necessarily one of those articles about the “things nobody tells you.” Honestly, what they say is true – no matter how many times people tell or “warn” you about various things coming your way when you become a parent for the first time, there are just some things about this unique experience that you just don’t get until you’re there. In many ways, we, too, are like infants in those early days, just trying to figure out our way around our new reality. Continue reading


Baby Carriers for Every Taste

When I was pregnant with my daughter Cora, I immersed myself in all things baby gear – strollers, car seats, swings. There are even “in” snot suckers, who knew? For many of the products, I wasn’t exactly sure how they would fit into daily life with a newborn. After all, I’ve never been a mom before, what do parents really do all day with a new baby? And, to make matters even more complicated, I read that there was even a possibility that our baby may not even like half of this stuff. But like a good Girl Scout, “always be prepared.” Continue reading