The Bedroom Cha-Cha

Do I have your attention? The title may seem to imply that this post is about sex, but really, it’s not. It’s actually a reference to the back-and-forth-push-and-pull journey we’ve been on with our daughter’s sleeping arrangements in her 16 months of life. Buckle up!  Continue reading


“Mom-ing” On the Real

There’s this new meme that comes up in my feeds at least once a week that pokes fun at this concept of “adult-ing.” It’s pretty spot-on in the way it captures most adults’ I’m-not-ready-for-the-week mourning that happens on Sunday nights. At the very least, we can all get a chuckle at the fact that we’re all in the same boat in having those feelings of lament about the responsibilities that come with “adult-ing.” Continue reading

Learning On the Fly: Things That Surprised Me About Having a Baby

No, this isn’t necessarily one of those articles about the “things nobody tells you.” Honestly, what they say is true – no matter how many times people tell or “warn” you about various things coming your way when you become a parent for the first time, there are just some things about this unique experience that you just don’t get until you’re there. In many ways, we, too, are like infants in those early days, just trying to figure out our way around our new reality. Continue reading